Full-Time International Styles Training Program


Do you have goals of being a World/Olympic Team Member and or champion?  Has the thought of wrestling Freestyle or Greco-Roman  full-time ever crossed your mind?  What is stopping you from doing it?  Is it the thought of not knowing how that would work with college? Is there a fear of missing out on a Folkstyle State or National title?  Are you wondering when or how you would train, compete and or how it would fit together with current schooling?  All these questions are valid and important, in order to understand your options.

Well, we have the answers for you.  We have created an International Styles program that will allow someone interested in training Freestyle  or Greco-Roman full-time, the opportunity to do so.  You can still have the opportunity to wrestle in college.  You will have the opportunity to train, travel and compete internationally throughout the year.  With our domestic and international connections and friends, international travel, training and competition is just around the corner.  Our Academic schooling model makes it easy to accomplish your World/Olympic dreams and goals.

If you are serious about becoming a World or Olympic Team member and or champion and want to focus your training and competitions on Freestyle or Greco-Roman full-time, feel free to email us to discuss your options.  

Only serious inquiries will be entertained.  Email us at scorpionswrestling@gmail.com to start discussing and planning out your Freestyle or Greco-Roman future.